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Technique & Testimonials

Sessions are offered on a floor mat with pillows for support at various points. Loose fitting or workout clothing is worn and there are no body oils so you can move right into or through your day. Muscle tension release, assisted stretches and pressure points along the 'sip sen' (energy lines) form a comprehensive technique that encourages the body's own energy to heal itself.


“Leslie provides an extremely thorough Thai Body Work experience that I would recommend to anyone. In a single session I noticed a significant change in my awareness and a release of stress being held in a variety of places throughout my body. Leslie was wonderful to work with and her studio was a lovely spacious and calming space. I will return and would recommend her to friends and colleagues without hesitation.”

- Carmen de Silva, Chief Concierge,  SOHO GRAND NYC

"Leslie is a natural healer. She is fully present, her hands are confident, and her touch is firm and precise. Somehow she knew how to stay and work exactly in the places I needed the most. The session flowed with such a steady, rhythmic pace that I went into a trance! My nervous system relaxed for the first time in months." 

- Ruthie Fraser, Yogi and author of Stack Your Bones

One Mi


356 Van Brunt St./Brooklyn


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